Thursday, March 18, 2010

Residents of Georgia

Sorry I haven't blogged in forever; we were busy packing and moving. So here come a plethora of updates!

March 6th was uber-busy for us. In the afternoon, Mom and I went to Rachael's baby shower open house to have a little food and watch her open gifts for baby Quinn. Then, that night, we had a HUGE farewell dinner at Kolin's mom's house and LOTS of people showed up.

Kolin's mom bought us the gayest cake in existence.

Dad and Renda bought me some champagne.


After dinner, we headed out to Peru to catch Uncle Gary's band, Damrel, play and had a TON of fun.


Gettin' down.

Jeremy helped the band finish out the show with "Free Bird."

After all the fun, it was time to get serious about packing.  We had everything packed and loaded on Wednesday, March 10th.  As I was carrying the last thing to pack, I rolled my ankle hard and sprained it pretty fiercely:

All of the swelling has gone down, but it's still REALLY bruised.

On our way to Savannah, we spent the night at Mom and Mike's where I took one last Harley ride before I moved away:

We finally made it to our new apartment on Thursday around 10:30 PM.

We had to sleep on an air mattress and our living room only had two camping chairs in it, but we didn't care; we were so happy to be HOME!

Kolin's parents made it to Savannah Friday evening and we got everything into the apartment within an hour.  It took a few days to get everything situated, but it now looks like a home.

I started my job at Shout on Monday, and I love it so much!  I get to cross the beautiful Savannah bridge to and from work everyday.

God is so good!

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, which is HUGE here in Savannah.  Kolin got to go to the parade.  Once I got home, we went to dinner at Huey's on River Street (it was delicious!) and walked around laughing at all the drunks.  We listened to a band play for about an hour in City Market before calling it a night.

Giving Johnny Mercer some love.

Keep praying!

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