Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back Home Again in Indiana

Kolin and I got to head home the weekend after New Year's.

2 hours in
We spent the night at Mama's on the way:
Once we got to Logan, we ate lunch at China Lane with the Halls (SO delicious).  Then we spent some time with Mia:

who is getting SO BIG!

Jeremy, Mandy, Kolin, and I headed to Beef & Boards in Indianapolis to see The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and had a ton of fun; the show was really hilarious, and I even got to be part of the show!  Afterward, we watched the rest of the Colts game (let me rephrase that: we watched the Colts lose, then proceeded to get drunk and play Catchphrase) at a friend's house with many of Ball State's finest:

We spent the next day with the Morris clan:

And that night we had dinner with the Fallens and got to meet Quinn:

Monday it was time to head back, but first we got to meet Dylan:

Sidenote: he's going to make a great dad!

The drive was fine...

  5 hours in this time!

...until we got to NC and it turned TREACHEROUS: freezing rain and snow.  So, it took us 17 hours instead of 13. :'(  But we made it unscathed...just sleepy.

Keep praying. 

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