Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let's Be Honest

I'm'a interrupt the thankful posts for a second and fill y'all in.  Be prepared; it's about to get real.  I haven't had my period for 6.5 months....up until yesterday.  I spent the last few months going to the doctor trying to figure out what my deal was (because, after all, we are trying to make a baby, and you can't really do that without ovulating...); he had NO CLUE.  Granted, I do get depressed over the summer (it happens every year), but I've never skipped more than one period in my life.  So, I stopped going to the doctor and just started praying.  He heard me.  I am blessed.  I feel happy and healthy!  My goal is to be pregnant by Christmas.  Please, please, PLEASE keep praying for us; I don't know where I'd be without the power of prayer!


  1. Prayers from the Pickrel's! Good luck! Let me know if you need anything :)