Thursday, May 30, 2013


(Originally written in 2007. Revised tonight. It still sucks.)


Missing a place I never belonged
has taken a toll on my heart.
I'd list the reasons, recall memories,
but don't know where to start.

As seasons pass, I find me
hidden in the leaves and dirt.
Summer sun makes my skin stronger
but cannot block out this hurt.

True friends are lost easily,
quickly that disappear.
Fewer lives are attached to mine
with the passing of each year.

I held a place in your heart,
but all beginnings must end:
the passing of an era,
the slow death of a trend.

You probably won't read this,
but I'll try not to mind.
We're not the kids we were before;
adult paths tend to wind.

The texts go unanswered;
the calls are ignored.
You say we're not compatible
as friends any more.

I'll love you like a sister
until the day I die.
All things are for the best.
Goodbye, lady. Goodbye.


Keep praying.

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