Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I've been going to outpatient therapy for a week now, and the supination of my left wrist (that's how far you can turn your palm up) has gone from 9 degrees to 41! I was so excited to hear my therapist's surprise at this. I've been extremely worried about my wrist healing, so it was great to hear something uplifting.

On the leg front, I started walking without my knee brace yesterday and it's going well. After I got my legs iced down for about 20 minutes post-therapy today, I was actually walking like a normal person. :)

I went back to my internship at IMA today. The drive went really well despite the fact that the closer I got to Indianapolis, the harder it rained. I missed my co-workers a lot; they are all truly fun to be around! I'm looking froward to getting a lot of editing done and hopefully getting more experience behind the camera as well.

Still looking hard for a job in northern Indiana (around Goshen) starting in August. If anyone knows of any openings, please tell me! I'd like to have a job since we'll be living rent-free, so I don't feel like a bum.

Keep praying.

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