Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Conservative Artist Continues to Answer Calls for Culture Change

Multi-­-faceted recording artist Mark Scudder believes in individualism, the idea espoused by the late Andrew Breitbart that “culture is upstream of politics,” and quality of his product. So when the very
figures in conservative media who call for change in the culture ignored Mark’s offers to help, he took it straight to their followers. His album The Solution is the Problem, a full length rock album released in September 2012, was recorded and produced entirely while broadcasting live on his website, to fans from his home studio. While not exposed to a wider audience by popular conservative political pundits, every review Solution did receive was unequivocally positive.

Perfectly content to work hard for what he believes, it was the loss of the Presidential election in November that caused Mark to become more vocal about the failures of the conservative new media movement. "We forget that not everyone is politically aware or astute,” Mark says from his home studio in upstate New York, "and many of their sensibilities have been moved subtly left over time by the things they see on TV, or hear on their iPods. The pundits on our side aren’t looking past their own financial success from preaching to the choir.” Unable to reach the popular conservative voices, Mark is channeling his disappointment into a new album called #TheAntisocialNetwork. A play on the concept of the Twitter “hashtag,”

#TheAntisocialNetwork will explore the consequences of relying on populism, with slightly heavier musical influences than Solution. And just like Solution,Mark is writing and recording it in front of anyone brave enough to show up. “I don’t prefer to work alone, but there’s no one up here to work with,” Mark says. “The few conservatives I know here who are artistically gifted are too busy making ends meet to take on somebody else’s project. Having that instant feedback, even if it’s just to laugh about some epically-­-wrong note or to just know there are other people out there who get it, makes the process so much more enjoyable.” Writing and recording sessions for #TheAntisocialNetwork are always taking place. The live sessions are always free and viewers can interact with Mark as he creates his work. These events are announced beforehand on the front page of, and on Facebook and Twitter. “I’d like people to take a good look at what has and hasn’t worked in our communities,” Mark says, “and consider not making the same mistakes again. We’ve got everything to lose.”


Keep praying.

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