Friday, January 25, 2013

People Suck

I am not an abomination. God loves me just as much as he loves any other sinner.
I am not a stupid dyke. You're an ignorant asshole.
I am not disgusting. I am insanely in love with a woman, not an animal or inanimate object.
I am not interested in anything you hypocrites have to say.
I am over it.


Keep praying.


  1. You are AMAZING! The things you said are exactly what I wanted to hear! Peopke should be allowed to love whoever they want to love, and I admire the fact that you still trust in God. I am an atheist myself, but I'm trying to improve atheists' public image, and the fact is, I call myself a secular humanist, and I think that people should be allowed to believe in what ever they want to believe, and you are inspring. Keep believing! Religion and God are wonderful things, and so is love! Thank you <3 <3 <3