Sunday, February 24, 2013

What a Weekend


February 21
I got home after dropping Helen off at work to find that my landlord was evicting me for lies he made up. My lawyer is really looking forward to taking on the case.

February 22
9 am: D-I-V-O-R-C-E (you can keep your ring, and I'll keep my daddy's name.)
11 am: Job interview at Springhill Suites (she liked me!)
12 pm: Interview at Nourish (if I get hired on, I will DIE!!!)
1 pm: Lunch at The Tea Room!
2 pm: Have a beautiful phone convo with Big Daddy and feel better about everything
3 pm: Stumble upon WSAV whilst walking the dogs in Wright Square; get offered a job (WHAT?!).
5 pm: Hit up The Jinx for the Heavy Metal art show (Ford rocked it)
7:30 pm: Eat WAY TOO MUCH food at The Lady & Sons; consider vomiting but decide against it
9:30 pm: Drive by HangFire to see if the queer dance is worth going to; decide against that as well
10 pm: Impromptu shower photo shoot for crazbeau productions; contemplate getting into modeling
11:30 pm: Dead in bed (g'night world)

February 23
10-11 am: Wander River Street giving out flyers for Savannah Stage Co's Playwright Series
11:30 am: Stop by WSAV to see that no one is in studio
12-2 pm: Have an amazing conversation with an old friend
2:15ish pm: Realize I have locked the keys in the car and the spare key has been lost
2:30 pm: Start walking to The Tea Room in the sunshine
2:40 pm: Get "holla atcha"-ed by a black fellow
2:52 pm: Land a website building job with a sweet shop owner (Judy would love her)
3:00 pm: Almost buy a new computer...then realize I should save the money for rent
3:15 pm: Arrive at The Tea Room soaking wet, as the rain began to pour two blocks ago
3:30 pm: EAT. A LOT.
4:20 pm: Meet the tow truck guy to unlock the car
5:15 pm: Pick up Helen from work
5:45 pm: Car breaks down (yes, really)
6:10 pm: Wes shows up to drive me back into town
6:40 pm: Tow truck guy finally shows up and is rude; Helen wants to punch him
7:10 pm: Places for Beautiful Boy (Playwright Series!)
7:25 pm: Car arrives at Goodyear too late to be looked at; see you Monday :/
7:55 pm: Beautiful Boy goes off without a hitch; I'm officially a stage manager
8:30 pm: Bath. Foreverrrrr.
9:45 pm: Early to bed...can't sleep...alas

February 24
5:36 am: Wake up to the sound of gagging, etc.: Helen has the flu
6:53 am: Contemplate going to get breakfast...but the bed is warm, and I think I'll stay

Keep praying. God is doing marvelous things. It gets better and better and better, and I continue to be grateful.

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