Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I can't sleep (again), so I started writing down ideas for the documentary. I'm really excited to dive into it. Since I haven't been able to be at my IMA job, filming and editing, I miss film-making, etc. A LOT.

This weekend was (mostly) a blast. Saturday was Dominic and Veronica's wedding, and it was formal and beautiful, as expected.

The table,

the cake,

and the beautiful couple!

After all the wedding fun, we went to Peru to see No Identity close out the Cole Porter Festival.

Jeremy and Mandy before the show.

Mama was there!


Cotton candy is yummy.

The best shot of the night.

Sunday, however, was not fun. I decided to take it easy since I'd had such a busy Saturday and was feeling EXTREMELY tired. But all I was doing was sleeping; I literally could not keep my eyes open for more than 30 minutes. Then Jeremy decided to get some Chinese food. I was super-excited, because earlier in the day I had told Kol we should get some China Lane. So, Jeremy ordered China Lane for all of us around 7, and I suddenly felt sick. I threw up everything I had eaten 24 hours prior (which included LOTS of good wedding food, a corn dog, onion rings, etc.); it was BAD. I didn't feel sick at all, though, so I was still looking forward to the Chinese. A half hour later, I puked again. Then, after I had a few bites of my delicious Chinese, I puked a third time. It was really disheartening.

I woke up Monday feeling fine and haven't thrown up since. Must have been something I ate...

Keep praying.

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