Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Amy's Trip to Amishville

Amy came to visit on Friday and we had a ton of fun.  We stayed in Friday night, drinking (Arnold Palmers may be my new drink of choice) and watching movies (All About Steve was terrible while The Final Destination was awesome).  Saturday we had brunch at Essenhaus and walked through all the shops.  Since Amy's basically a grandma, she thoroughly enjoyed herself. :)

Mom got Kolin Grand Theft Auto IV for his birthday and he's been playing it NON-STOP.  While we were out to lunch this afternoon, however, Kolin's sister Megan rented Arkham Asylum, so he's been forced to take a break.  She also rented This is It, and I'm very much looking forward to watching it tonight.

While I was getting my oil changed, Kolin and I test-drove a new Malibu Hybrid, and I am definitely going to buy on in the (near?) future.

Keep praying.

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