Thursday, April 8, 2010

Old and New Friends

On Friday, two of my former Emens co-workers (Becky and Lori) came to visit, and we had so much fun!  We ate dinner at The Lady and Sons with their friend Amanda (who moved to Savannah the same week we did and is a Ball State alum - small world!) then met our new friend from church, Michael, at Club One to see a drag show.

Some of the queens were really beautiful...

(I was checking to see if her boobies were real; they weren't.)

while others were borderline terrifying...

but we all had a lot of fun!

After the drag show, we headed to Venus to have some drinks and hang out.  They were having an Easter raffle and Kolin won a $15 gift card, so we came back on Saturday with Michael.  After we got our drinks, we went down to the river and walked around:

It's so nice to have new friends!  We had our first Ruby/Movie night on Sunday (this is where Amanda and Michael come to our apartment to watch Ruby and a movie and eat snacks that are bad for us); it's so much fun!

Keep praying.

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