Thursday, April 15, 2010


First things first: I made callbacks for Wheel of Fortune, so I'm that much closer to being on the actual show and winning lots of money, trips, cars, etc.  BONUS.

I got my first Savannah sunburn a week ago, but you probably already know that since you follow Project 365, right?  RIGHT?!  Good.

Last Saturday, Kolin, Michael, Amanda, and I (we need to create a name for our group of friends, so I don't have to write all of our names out every time I talk about us.  How about MACK?) had a picnic in Forsyth Park right by the fountain, and it was DELICIOUS.  I made turkey pinwheels and pasta salad; Amanda make fruit salsa and cinnamon chips; and Michael brought pizza and wings - BEST PICNIC EVER.

We've been spending a lot of time with Michael and Amanda, and we're loving every minute of it!  On Sunday, we went to Michael's apartment to use his washing machine and dryer (another perk of having friends: laundry doesn't cost a thing).  While we were there, we fed the turtles that live in the creek outside of his apartment; there were so many of them, and they LOVED being fed.

I finally got a paycheck on Monday and went to our favorite antique shop to buy a lamp we had been keeping our eye on.  The seller didn't bring the price down far enough, so I ended up buying this instead:

The picture quality is a bit crappy, because I took it on my phone, but it's a beautiful, HUGE mirror with a thick, black frame.  It was our first (but won't be our last) antique shop steal.  It's the first step in turning the apartment into our own.  Next: a couch.

Finally, on Tuesday I got ma hurr and ma 'brows did (translation: I got a haircut and eyebrow wax).  I had to get my hair off of my neck, because it's getting hot (and will only get hotter), and I was tired of putting it up everyday.

Keep praying.

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