Friday, December 30, 2011

The December From Hell

Wow, I cannot WAIT for 2012.  December has been a rough, rough, ROUGH month for this girl!  I really struggled this month with the fact that I haven't gotten pregnant yet.  It makes me feel worthless.  It makes me lose sight of how amazing my life is.  It makes my husband think I no longer love him.  It makes my life a m-e-s-s!

Yesterday, Kol and I had to trade both of our cars for one in order to lower our debt-to-income ratio.  So, we are now the proud owners of a 2012 Honda CR-V EX-LR:

This is Tate Xander.  Love him.

The reason we need to lower our DTI is to get into our dream house.  We're currently in a bidding war.  Please pray that they accept our offer if it's God's will!

On the baby side of things, I went to the gyno yesterday.  The did an ultrasound and all of my lady parts look healthy.  My ovarian follicles were a bit on the small side, which lead him to believe I may not be ovulating properly, so he gave me a prescription for Clomid.  Hopefully we'll be pregnant by February!  If not, Kol and I have decided to adopt.  I'm super-excited about the prospect of having a child!!!

Keep praying.

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