Saturday, August 8, 2009

Falling Down

Since I'm having so much trouble finding a job, I might blog so much those who read this will get tired of me...but I hope not! I just had to share this story:

Kol and I spent all day yesterday being lazy: staying in our pj's, lounging on the couch, etc. But around 5 o'clock, we realized we needed to get to the bank before it closed at 5:30. So off we went.

We got lost on the way, because our Garmin didn't recognize the address. So we stopped at a gas station to get directions. The attendant gave us a phone book instead. We found the phone number of the bank, got directions from the teller, and were on our way with little time to spare.

Right before the road we were supposed to turn on came up, the car in front of us slammed on their brakes and I had my first panic attack in forever. Not fun, but I survived.

We made it to the bank at 5:25. It was raining as we went in the first door. I stepped forward on my right foot as I went to grab the next door handle and slipped, causing my bad left knee to completely buckle underneath me.

I fell to the floor and began sobbing; it hurt A LOT. An old man (I'm not sure if he worked at the bank or if that was just his normal haunt) and a few tellers ran over.

"Should we call 911?" a female teller asked.

"Yeah, go call 911," the old man responded.

"No, please don't call 911," I cried. We have enough hospital bills already!

Kolin explained the situation with my knee and assured them I would be fine once I cried it out. He was right, of course. I was finally able to get up and we made our deposit.

How embarassing; that's what I get for leaving the house, I suppose.

Keep praying.

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