Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The last week has (mostly) been crap.

On Thursday, I donated plasma, then headed to Target to get a few things real quick.  Before I went into Target, my car remote wouldn't lock my car, so I did it manually.  Once I got done, it wouldn't unlock either, so I tried to use my key to unlock it and it wouldn't work.  Naturally, I'd left my cell phone in the car since I knew I wouldn't be in Target long.  So, I had to go back in to use their phone and call roadside assistance.  Thankfully, getting my car unlocked was covered by my warranty; i.e. it was free.  Fixing it, however, was not free; it cost me $50 to replace the transmitter in my car remote.  Not cool.

This weekend was a blast!  Jeremy's birthday was on Saturday, so we went out to Polsinelli's for a few drinks and finished out the night singing karaoke at Rehab.  I didn't bring my camera, but as soon as Mom posts her pictures on Facebook, I'll put a few up here.

Sunday was the Superbowl.  We spent the day at Kolin's mom's house eating things that were bad for us (li'l smokies wrapped in bacon and coated with brown sugar, nachos, etc.), then we went to Jeremy and Mandy's for the big game and (you guessed it) to eat food that was bad for us (buffalo chicken dip, deer sausage, cake, cookies, and the list goes on).  Sadly, the Colts stunk it up, but congrats to the Saints for their first Superbowl victory.  Here's my favorite commercial from the night:

Yesterday, I went to donate plasma and had my first (and hopefully last) horrible experience.  After the guy stuck me, the machine started running slow, so he had to move the needle around until it started running better.  The next cycle, though, the machine started running slow again and he had to move the needle around again.  Then he went on break and the girl that took his place moved the needle around a few more times before deciding to try the other arm.  I was able to finish on the other arm, but because I'd had so much trouble on the first arm, they set the machine to run super-slow and it took a really long time.  It was nice to finally get out of there with my 20 bucks.  But today my arm is very sore and extremely bruised.  Awesome!

Today, I went to get in my car and (once again) the remote wasn't working.  So, I had to call roadside assistance AGAIN.  This time once it was unlocked, it wouldn't start.  The roadside assistance guy jumped it for me and I let it run for about 5 minutes before turning it off.  When I tried to start it again - nothing.  So, I might need to get a new battery or (God forbid) replace the alternator.

Some good did come out of today: I had a phone interview with Olan Mills in Savannah; I applied to be a studio photographer.  It went really well and she said she'd be calling back to schedule an actual interview.  Keep praying!

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