Monday, February 1, 2010


Remember how I said I might have some good news soon a few posts ago?  Well, now I'll share.  In January, both Kolin and my jobs dropped off drastically, so we decided instead of finding new jobs in Goshen, we would job-search in Savannah.  It must've been the right time, because Kolin and I will be going there for a few days right after Valentine's day as I have an interview with a church to become creative director (updating their web site and doing video work) and Kolin has already been hired by the owners of Wright Square Cafe to work at a new restaurant they'll be opening in May.  So, if I get that job, we'll probably be moving there in March; if not, we'll definitely be moving there in late-April or May.  It seems like our dreams will be coming true sooner than we expected and we are SO excited!

PLEASE keep praying.

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